We can prepare your vehicle – it does not matter whether you want to clean your car before selling it or for yourself. Our prices are based on the size of the vehicle and on the cleaning package that you choose.

“Basic” care package(from 45€)

The “Basic” care package includes the following services:

  • washing and drying
  • vacuuming the interior and the boot
  • cleaning the windows

“Super” care package(from 70€)

You receive the following services in addition to those in the “Basic” care package:

  • auto polish, incl. removal of superficial scratches and signs of poor car washing
  • cleaning of the fittings, instruments and plastic components in the interior
  • rim cleaning with glossy tyre effect

“Premium” care package(from 90€)

Our extensive “Premium” care package includes the following services in addition to those from the “Basic” and “Super” packages:

  • removal of tar, resin, and stickers
  • shampooing and cleaning the upholstery
  • cleaning the leather
  • cleaning the floor lining
  • engine wash (no liability for subsequent damage)

Extras of our vehicle preparation service in Scheeßel:

  • removal of pet hair
  • cleaning the roof liner
  • ozone treatment against unpleasant odours

Do you want to make an appointment with us to clean your car? Give us a call: +49 (0) 4263 – 30 28 83 1